Personalized Celebrant Services



There are many resources available online that are helpful in so many ways. Being educated around the different challenges and experiences that we each endure, will aid you well throughout this transition. One of my favorite web resources is Helpguide's Coping with Grief and Loss


On occasion, for customized events, I am in need of unique or symbolic products that would be offered to guests as a keepsake or memento in memory. When I am in need of some added personalization I usually turn to . They have a vast selection of products and unique gifts that can be personalized as keepsakes.

There is one deciding factor, will there be enough time to get an order secured and delivered in time for our event? To accommodate requests for products from this provider, based on amounts and product, we would need a MINIMUM of 3 weeks between order and event date.


In my experience I have found that crowd participation/interaction is pivotal to a successful event. For the Golfer, I have rented a putting challenge for guests to enjoy during the reception. I have utilized the Karaoke Equipment for a karaoke enthusiast as well as many other products from

This of course is not for everyone however those wishing for something that is unique and interactive this is where I turn. Again, I see great value in people/guests being able to participate in the Service/Celebration/Event. I had the opportunity to plan a Celebration of Life for gentleman who loved to frequent the casino. Party Works provided me with what I needed to customize a Casino Themed Event. Read the MacLean's article here.


There is something very symbolic and peaceful about the releasing of doves. As you gently hold onto that life in the palm of your hands, you feel the calmness and serenity that fills your heart. When instructed you then release that dove, symbolic of your loved one, then gaze as it joins the flock symbolic of those gone before us.

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