Personalized Celebrant Services

Personalized Celebrant Services
Personalized Celebrant Services

Celebration of Life

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Your Celebration of life will be 30-45min and rarely exceeds 1hr in length. Although it is difficult to put a specific timeline on the actual service, due to participants and content, my experience has been that an hour long service is about the maximum length.

Together we will discuss, design and execute a unique and memorable Celebration while  maintaining reverance. A Celebration service will be more celebratory and spiritual in content, than religious. Celebrations of life are most commonly held in; reception halls, banquet centers, golf courses, homes, recreation facilities or any other type of venue that may accommodate and speak to the interests of the life being celebrated.

Memorial Service

A Memorial Service is similar to a Celebration of Life, however may take on a more spiritual approach. Memorial Services are more commonly held in Churches or in Chapel settings. This type of service will also include and incorporate family members and friends whom may want to participate in the actual order of events.

FULLY Customized Experience

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Fully Customized services are very detailed and extensive in there planning. Due to the complexity and planning required, Your Celebrant™ requests a minimum of 3 weeks planning prior to the actual date of service. Customization may include everything from; vignettes, stationary, products, themes, DVD's, etc...
The extent of customization will be determined based on the requests of the family. For further information please speak directly to Your Celebrant™.

Cemetery Experience

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Whether it is an urn interment or a full casket interment, a graveside service is approximately 15-25 minutes in length. The cemetery experience is important and the incorporation of ceremonial acts can contribute to a dignified and memorable farewell.

The emotions and expressions of love that are felt during this service can be comforted by unique tributes that are offered. Together with Your Celebrant™, we can design a short committal service as a final farewell.

Traditional Experience with Burial

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A Traditional Service as described in the funeral profession means that there will be a casket present and may or may not include viewing of the deceased. In almost all cases these services are held in a church or chapel setting.

Traditional Services begin in the church or chapel and will end in the cemetery at the actual interment. In some cases, a reception will follow, whereby family request the reception is treated as the Celebration of Life.

A traditional service is sometimes a full day event. As an example, see the timeline below:

  • 9:00 am Viewing (optional)
  • 10:00 am Service
  • 11:00 am Departure to cemetery
  • 12:00 pm Arrival Cemetery (varies)
  • 1:00 pm Reception and Social time

These times will vary depending on the amount of people as well as locations/geography.