Personalized Celebrant Services


Dear Godwyn,

Words can hardly express my gratitude at the fabulous job you did as celebrant and emcee at my Dad’s memorial celebration yesterday.  Your kind words, and the lighthearted approach you took, were perfect for the occasion, and we truly appreciated that you went the extra mile with your research into my Dad, and somehow managed to include information that we hadn’t even remembered ourselves!  It was magical!

Your suggestion and inclusion of the veteran’s tribute was such a lovely way to honour my Dad’s R.A.F. history - he would have been thrilled. It was wonderful to hear the laughter of family and friends throughout the service, but equally poignant and appropriate to be a little bit serious and remember his contribution to his country. So, dear Godwyn a big warm thank you from me and my family, and if you wish please feel free to include my words in your testimonials.  I would be delighted to recommend your services to anybody in need of a speaker, and I wish you well in your future endeavors.

Many thanks,



I couldn't count the accolades you received at the reception and the wake that followed because there were so many. You hit exactly the tone we, the family, wanted, as well as giving everyone the time to mourn and then the thanksgiving for an extraordinary life at the conclusion.

For me, the whole service reminded me of the man I married and why, which had got cloaked by the ravages of ill health that changed James in recent years. Honestly that was the biggest gift I could have been given at that moment in time. So, I owe you and the other participants, principally the eulogists, a huge amount of gratitude. I’m hanging on to their and your words tightly today, which feels rather anticlimactic.

Several people asked for your contact info after the service saying, “I want that man, when we need a memorial celebrant!!” So, well done, or as the navy/submariners say, “Bravo Zulu.”

Thank you so much!



Dear Godwyn,

What can I say, other than that you were probably the best match we could imagine for this gathering. Peter would have loved it! Your clear, sensitive, compassionate, funny and so very creative approach was simply wonderful. It warmed my heart, it put everyone at ease with whatever emotions they went through, it encouraged and inspired words in us who contributed, it sparked people's imagination and desire to write on the coffin and offered consolation and encouragement to all the boys, each one of whom was able to sob and laugh and be bored and inspired during the same time frame.

I cannot thank you enough for what you have done. People went away totally warmed and enriched.

With warm wishes for the holidays,



Dear Godwyn, I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you did to ensure the service two weeks ago at Boal Chapel in North Vancouver for my husband Stu went well. It was truly a special service and your kind and compassionate approach made it a wonderful experience for us all. It sounded like you knew Stu and you were able to capture aspects of his personality perfectly.

The atmosphere in the chapel was warm and uplifting and guests were very much at ease. I particularly appreciate your suggestion to rev Stu's motorbike at a point in the service. I know Stu would (and very likely did!) have enjoyed that. You made a very difficult time a bit easier.

Many thanks and all the very best to you, Darina


Dear Godwyn,

I wanted to share my deepest gratitude to you for telling my dad’s fabulous life story. You have an amazing gift to capture who he was, without ever having met him.

Your in-tune ability to read the audience, your timing of when to use humor to make us laugh and when we needed to reflect and cry was ideal. The collaboration of using dad’s sweater, and pack was such a creative and respectful visual and tangible delivery to us all in the room in saying goodbye.

Pete, Dave, Ken and I took dad to the cabin Sunday night where we stayed overnight and where he will stay until our trip to the peak. The four of us reflected back on the day, reliving the moments and shared how we wouldn't have changed a thing, it was a perfect tribute to dad.

Thank you!



I just wanted to take a minute to write you with our heartfelt thanks.  You were an important part of Dad’s celebration.  You planned the service beautifully and shared exactly what we wanted everyone to know about Dad. 

Many people came up to us after asking how long you had known him or how you were related because your talk seemed so personal to them. You have a very special gift for this line of work and you fit perfectly in the vision we had for Dad’s service.

Thank you again,

Rick & Silvia

Hello Godwyn,

It has now been almost three months since our daughter Mackenzie’s funeral at Boal Chapel in North Vancouver. I can’t remember properly thanking you for the wonderful job you did that afternoon.

Although you had never met our daughter I think you had a sense of who she was, and we appreciated how you were able to use gentle humour to help move us through the service. I think Mackenzie would have approved.

Thank you for being with Craig and me, and the rest of our family, on the most difficult of days.


Hello Godwyn,

I wish to thank you again on the thoughtful service you did for my mother, Patricia Price, last week.  You put a lot of time and effort into understanding a bit about her and many of her friends and neighbors have told us how moved they were and what a wonderful service it was.  Although this has been a difficult time for us, you truly did help us celebrate our mother’s life. 

Many thanks,

Pam and extended family members

Dear Godwyn,

Our family would like to express our gratitude for your help in planning and conducting our mom's service. We really appreciated the time you spent with us and the thought you put into the service. You managed to capture her essence and all that was most important to her in the service. It was everything we had hoped for and we know our mom would have been so pleased.

The candle lighting ceremony was beautiful. Thank you for that suggestion. Your "surprise" of Forget-Me-Not seeds was perfect as it was a simple but meaningful and heartfelt gesture, just as our mom would have liked. We all felt at peace after the service and went home knowing her life was honored and celebrated with dignity and love.

Thank you so very much.

Quan, Waung and Fahlman Families

Dear Godwyn,

Thank you so very much for helping my mother Doreen and all of our family get through a difficult and sad time with the loss of my stepfather Pete. You were especially wonderful helping my mom, giving her guidance and support she so needed.

You provided her with a feeling of being, "taken care" of. The service you conducted for Pete was so lovely. Thank you again for your kind, gentle and patient help.

Warmly, Gloria, Wayne and family

My son was/is a musician and Godwyn had the natural creative understanding and style to comprehend and suggest exactly what would work to make a very beautiful Celebration of Life. He suggested to have Jamie’s soprano saxophone and skateboards along with a little saxophone statue representing Jamie so well.

We had a pro saxophonist play on the cemetery grounds in Fort Langley which gave such a peace and beauty for us, his family and friends. The children and some others were able to let the balloons rise into the sky, symbolizing the years we celebrated of his life.


Dear Godwyn,

Thank you, thank you and thank you again for everything you did for us to make Sean’s celebration of life special, unique and personalized about him.

We have received some amazing comments about the service and we hope you continue being a blessing to other families during their time of need for many years to come. You were truly a godsend for us when we needed you.

Denise and Scott S.


We would like to thank you for the comforting way you handled the procedures leading up to the graveside service and celebration of Life of Ralph. It was very comforting to see you as we were in the limousine stand guard at the foot of my husband’s grave.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Kathy, Bole, Ken and family